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Готовы для твоего проекта Готовы для твоего проекта Готовы для твоего проекта


Our meticulously crafted acoustic panels live at the intersection of sculpture and sound. Acoustic panels synchronise effortlessly with even the most ambitious architectural vision.

Rich sensory design has been a Decor speciality for over 50 years. We’re here to help you create alluring spaces with exceptional sound management.


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1. On call collaboration

Our process is collaborative from early on and includes custom project drawings, free shop drawings, access to our R&D department, prototypes, concept drawings, fixing recommendations and assistance in finding specialist installers.

2. Value add engineering

We provide detailed technical elaboration of the walls and ceiling concept and installation drawings too. We also provide technical planning documentation for support, clear transparent proposals and investigation and evaluation of technical alternatives.

3. Complimentary samples

We have a selection of samples on hand and ready to dispatch. But we also offer a custom sample service so that you can see exactly how your specification will look.

4. Certification

We invest heavily in testing our products and provide the following certifications and documentation; Acoustic tests, Fire tests, Safety data sheets, 99 year guarantee, Care & maintenance documentation, Project completion, certification, Green star certification, Fixing systems come complete with engineering certificates.

5. End to end Support

We don’t check out once an order is placed. We support you right through until installation and beyond. We provide site specific delivery options and a high degree of prefabrication. Our customer care team provides support and assistance to ensure that the delivery process is seamless.

We have extensive technical know-how and on-site support as well as custom project drawings that can be supplied with your delivery. Your panels come fully sealed and protected to ensure they arrive in the best condition.

6. Exceeding expectations at speed

We pride ourselves on customer service and aim to exceed expectations on every project and at every stage.

7. 99 Year Guarantee

Our acoustic panels are built to last, that’s our 99 year promise to you. There’s no other guarantee like it in our industry.


Our accomplished team of designers, master craftsmen and acoustic professionals bring clarity to even the most ambitious plans. We’ve collaborated with some of the world’s most gifted architects to successfully sculpt sound out of space.


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Stop War in Ukraine!

Today we are faced with a new reality. An enemy has come into our peaceful and calm life and wants to destroy it. Our children wake up to the sound of sirens. They sleep in bomb shelters and in the subway. Any loud sound causes panic and fear. We know it's hard to believe now, but it's true. A large European state is suffering at the hands of an aggressor. We at Advanced Team have gone to great lengths to protect our employees and partners. We continue to work, but now we are happy with the global goal. We will spend 20% of the company's turnover on the needs of our army. Each new project brings us closer to victory, to peace. Your projects are safe, we are all in safe places and ready to do our job in the best possible way.

We are waiting for your projects and together we will win!

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